When you first have a thought and an emotion, you plant a seed.
Every thought and emotion you have that matches that thought and emotion grows and fertilizes that seed into whatever it is you are focusing upon.
Your focus on that thought is like the sun and rain growing that seed into a mighty tree.
No one else's thoughts or feelings need affect you--UNLESS you are focusing on their thoughts also.
Whatever you are thinking about and feeling, you are growing.
For Example:
If you are criticizing, protesting, defending, protecting, justifying, rationalizing, worried or complaining, you are actually GROWING that which you do not want.
If you are praising, enjoying, appreciating or loving, you are growing that which you do want.
If you don't want to grow something anymore, you can gently start focusing in a new way, so that you are growing more of what you desire.
Soon whatever you are growing that you do want will eclipse whatever you no longer want until what you no longer want simply disappears.
You can grow whatever it is you desire.
And you can get to the place where everything you are growing is exactly the way you want it to be-- at least in your mind. That is where I live. That just requires feeling fabulous and having conscious awareness on that which you are focusing.
And when your mind is at peace--when you are allowing the love that you are to guide your thoughts, the universe grows THAT. And you will be AMAZED as it flows in!
For me, instead of focusing on what I am thinking about, I focus on my soft, open and easy heart that is always full of pure love--naturally.
I focus on keeping my heart relaxed, soft and open so I can perceive that pure love that is always there.
My open, love filled heart tells my brain that all is well, so my thoughts are in alignment with that knowing. My thoughts are now the inspired thoughts from the source within me.
You always have total freedom to grow whatever you choose.
Let's grow the most beautiful, love filled lives--if you want that too!

I love you!
Karen Lorre