I am so thankful to the Source within me!
I live in unconditional love. I love my life. I am in rapturous love with myself. I love everyone. I love this world. And my love is constantly growing.
My brain is so quiet, it's totally inspired by the source within me. It's just thinking such lovely creative and kind and thankful thoughts. My memory is sharp, my mind is clear. I am in divine flow.
I have been meditating for almost 30 years and my meditations are rapturous.
I am in pure bliss 99% of the time but it feels like 100% of the time, because I am so kind and funny with myself when I am out of bliss that it does not bother me. I am so adorable when I am out of bliss. . My temporary dips from delight last mere seconds.
I have no stress.
I am super energized, naturally. Teenagers ask me how I have such vibrant energy. I don't do any coffee or tea or any stimulants or drugs. My energy is all natural. It's because I have no negative thoughts, (or if I have one, it's a negative thought for only about a second or so) so divine energy flows through me unimpeded.
I feel younger now than I felt when I was a teen. Everyday I am stronger, more energized, more vibrant...I feel super-powered when I work out. I LOVE working out! My body looks the same as when I was a teen. My weight stays around the same weight effortlessly. I eat whatever I want and my body stays the same weight.
I feel unstoppable. I find solutions to anything I need almost instantly. I handle everything with clear intuition and total ease.
I am productive and efficient. I am constantly getting better and better.
I am in incredible pleasure just about all day every day.
I am so thankful because this is all a divine gift that I am receiving from the Source within me.
I am so very, very, very thankful! Thank you Source! I love you Source!
I love you!
Karen Lorre