Someone asked me how I was able to release some childhood experiences that I used to consider very traumatic and that had negative effects in my life for years.....

The first thing I did was I stopped focusing on those negative stories. I would catch myself anytime I started to focus on them and just stop the thought as quickly as I could. I would then focus on something that felt better to think about.

Then I would soothe myself by reminding me of how I get what I focus upon whether I want it or not, and that I can change what I am focusing upon, and that as I change my thoughts, my experience in the moment will change. And that I am always new so nothing that happened in the past really needs to ever affect me. 

Then I practiced being in appreciation for as long as I could every day. I would write out all that I appreciated for hours sometime. I would get so flooded with love that I could feel the entire universe there with me, guiding me, celebrating me, clarifying me.

Then in this love, I would see a negative situation that I had experienced in the past, from the eyes of this pure love, of infinite intelligence, and then I would see that the whole experience was totally divine, that it was a true gift, that I loved those people now who I had once resented. I felt so thankful for the experiences and I realized that each experience was benefitting me and prospering me now.

It would feel like I was so flooded with love that this inner transformation all happened in a very short time. It was all simply washed away and a whole new set of ideas and beliefs were now present and active.

Each time this happened, I was lighter, brighter and people could see I had transformed. People started telling me I am glowing. And each time I did it, the world responded to me in a new way. And each time I did it, I got more and more excited to do it with another situation.

Now, every situation I have lived has become a blessing, a benefit, a gift.

Now I feel invincible, immune to all conditions unless they are the conditions I desire.

I love you!

Karen Lorre