Yummy Self-Confidence Meditation is just over 22 minutes long. You will be guided with gentle clarity to know the deepest security of your being.


"You are love and you're spreading the love. You are so cool! ❤️❤️❤️
Your words came through with truth, honesty and love as I know that was your intention. Beautiful!"
Dawn Dickens
"Karen Lorre absolutely brilliant! Just experienced the meditation and it was wonderful ❤️❤️. I'm going to share it with my clients and fellow psychologists. You did such a great job describing and demonstrating the power of tuning into our Source. BRAVO!!"
Dr. Elizabeth Torres, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Instructor-McLean Hospital/Harvard University
"Our wonderful Karen Lorre has posted an absolutely delicious meditation called "Yummy Self-Confidence Meditation" for Insight Timer... I love you Karen!!! It's over 1300 people now and me being one of them.
I love the meditation and I love you Karen!"
Michael Buttgereit
"Yo la he hecho esta mañana, y es alucinante, es la mejor meditacion que he hecho en mi vida hasta ahora es la sensación mas expandida que he tenido en mi vida, la primera experiencia de ser quien realmente soy. Muchas gracias de corazón"
"I've done it this morning, and it's amazing, it is the best meditation I've ever done in my life so far. Olé! A 10, the best expanded sensation in my life, I have now experienced who I am. Thank you. I love you. Much thanks from my heart."
Gonzalo Vidal Paez
Rated Yummy Self-Confidence Meditation 5 stars - "Absolutely love Karen and her meditations! She is a master at helping you to relax and release anything which may be restricting you from opening up to the gloriousness of your true self. Her meditations are truly transformative! This is one of my favorites!"
"So far I have loved Karen’s [meditation] and I liked the Thich Nhat Hanh one Honestly, it's hard to beat Karen Lorre's yummy meditation! I could listen to it all day long."
Shari Heftel