Someone asked me if I ever have a problem with men because I am radiating love so freely. She was worried that men might take it the wrong way.
This is what I said:
Men are amazing with me. Men totally respect me and adore me and understand that I am monogamous and valuable. I feel completely secure with men.
I took all the things I loved about men---from every man I ever met, to every one I read about or saw in a movie, or a TV show, and I wrote out all the qualities of men that I love.
I titled it, Men Are:
Then I wrote out these true things that I had already experienced like:
Men are fun! Men are important! Men are valuable! Men are worthy! Men are great leaders! Men are respectable! Men are fascinating! Men are funny! Men are kind! Men are gentle! Men are generous! Men are loving! Men are romantic! Men are brilliant! Men are talented! Men are so helpful! Men are so wise! Men are great chefs! Men make me laugh! Men are so respectful of me! Men love monogamy! Men are adventurous! ...
I just focused on the qualities that I love.
As I wrote that, and so much more (I typed about 6 pages of love for men!) I got higher and higher and higher. And I felt so much love for men. And literally the day I wrote it, men changed toward me.
They changed toward me because I CHANGED MY PICTURE OF THEM. I changed my feelings about them.
However, I DID NOT WRITE IT TO CHANGE THEM. I wrote it so I would feel comfortable and secure with men.
I did it because it felt sooooooo yummy that I did not want to stop. I did it because it gave me so much love in my heart, in that moment I wrote it and every time I re-read it.
Then I created a Guided Meditation for myself about men and I listened to it and it entrained my physiology and beliefs into the knowing of everything I wanted to believe about men. Every time I listen I am infused with the most wonderful adoration of men. Now I know how to tap into that all the time.
I keep appreciating all the things about men I can find, and I have done it about women too. I love men! I love women!
And so I have no concern at all, ever! I feel invincible because I only focus on the parts of men and women and everyone that I LOVE and that I want in my life!

I love you!
Karen Lorre