About Karen

I have been living in unconditional love for years and I am overflowing with love and love to share it with you through these meditations.

I am totally in love with you, and I love all people and I love this world. I KNOW that you and everyone have so much more capacity than you can even imagine. I KNOW you have infinite divine gifts that will blow your mind and will enchant those around you. I KNOW that you are valuable and beautiful and worthy and important and essential to this world.

On my own path of discovery, I found my capacities, gifts and best qualities to be astonishingly infinite.  Everything I want comes to me easily and effortlessly. It thrills me to inspire you to your desires. Through embodying this charm, you can show yourself how you can access all you want in the easiest, yummiest ways.

Through my particular understanding of Brain Science, Heart Science, how to program cells and their DNA, along with my understanding of the Law of Attraction, I have found solutions for every type of challenge and I live those solutions- and I KNOW you can too.

I teach you how to Live In Unconditional Love and I create Personalized Guided Meditations that make it super yummy and easy.


"I did a personalized guided meditation with Karen Lorre and what an amazing gift I gave to myself. Karen masterfully guided me into a place where I felt such a rich deep inner love, a deep sense of power and presence within myself. I found myself in such a wonderful beautiful place within myself. Time sort of melted away. I loved it! I was so excited when shortly afterwards I received my own copy of the personalized guided mediation that I did with Karen. Listening to that personalized meditation is now an exciting joyful part of my daily practice. As a result my life has been an expression of a rich deep inner love expressing in all of my relationships with others as well as with myself. My life has been filled with more joy, more peace, more power, more presence since I made listening to my personalized guided meditation a practice. Much gratitude and great appreciation to you Karen."
Rodney France
"Karen Lorre's Guided Meditations are a gift from a higher dimension. Words simply don't do justice to the experience. It's as though she's able to make a comfortable yet direct connection to a deep part within you which then guides the meditation.

As she gently reflects back the words you need to hear, you first fall into a deep relaxation. As the meditation deepens, what follows can only be described as a slow, steady, rich crescendo toward your own greatness. What's still amazing is that, without really knowing me at all, she was able to use words and phrases that have very specific and important meaning to me. When we were done, I felt as though I had taken a journey deep within myself and then returned as a more self-aware and self-empowered person. Every time I listen I experience a deeper knowing and allowing. I'm eagerly anticipating my next Guided Meditation experience with Karen."

Kevin Young
"I am so grateful for KAREN LORRE and the love she's given me. She and I have been friends for years - I've seen her transform through tuning into divine love. She is love so pure. She reminded me that love is available to me too!

She made a personalized amazing, enlightening, gentle, guided meditation for me and my shift has been enormous!

I listen to her loving truth when I retire at night. Her calm, loving words resonate so deeply: Love: my open heart is the key to joy!  I am a loving being, perfect and beautiful-- and I can tap into this truth in seconds from listening to her mediation! Everything in my world is at my heart’s pulse.

I am a calmer, more centered woman. Source knows my desires, all I need to do is find things that please me then, I allow! Thank you, thank you, thank you, my sweet, beautiful Karen. I love you!"

Hilary Momberger
"I met Karen Lorre through mutual friends on Facebook, then later we actually had the opportunity to spend some time together in the South Pacific. Her energy is person is absolutely captivating and resonates pure love.

After I returned home to the U.S., Karen and I set up an appointment for a personalized guided meditation over Skype. After discussing my goals for our session, she worked her magic! Do you know that feeling of cozying up to a warm fire on a cold night? Well, Karen did the same thing for my spirit during the meditation.

Experiencing one soul speaking to one another in such a loving way is nothing short of an oasis, and I can listen to the recording she made during our session any time I want! Our focus was on growing my health and fitness business, and the expansion I have achieved is spilling over month-to-month with new clients, new product purchases, and new people interested in joining my coaching team! I have also been more active on top of my regular workouts and modifying my meal plans for even better results. Thank you so much Karen Lorre!"

Emily Romeu
"The meditation you made for my beloved is working! The exact words that are in the meditation are coming back to me on the lips of the man in my life. For example, In the meditation, you say I am treasured and I am a treasure….he wrote an email to me and he said I was a "TREASURE” and later he text me and said, he “TREASURES OUR RELATIONSHIP.”

Also, I was in my beloved’s home to help with a task while he was away. Even though he was out of town, I could feel his presence in his home while I was there. My heart is now open to RECEIVING positive waves. I spent my time writing a list of things that I adore. I call it my “Adoration List." When I write my Adoration List, I become very content and happy. When I re-read what I have written, I vibrate even more with love!! My birthday was last week and my beloved surprised me with a plane ticket to LA (I live in another state) and money for shopping — the first 2 things on my adoration list were: (1) Being in LA and (2) Shopping. The list had about sixty things on it and for him to pick the first 2 things was pretty special. He was out of town when I wrote that list, so he intuitively knew what to give me. Either that or he has cameras in his home! haha

It is so easy and so effortless to get along with him — I simply listen to the meditation while I get ready in the morning or whenever I feel out of sync with him. Gone are the days of making men feel guilty or grilling them for information or burdening with unflattering insecurities. The new, successful way is to simply listen to the meditation and I become transformed, confident and self-assured."

Juli Wills
"Back in September 2015, Karen created a beautiful personalized guided meditation for me. I have been listening to it for several months now, and my life is expanding in wonderful ways! I have noticed feeling more self-loving, more open and more confident as a result. She was able to intuit just the right words and imbue it with just the right energy to speak directly to my heart and my spirit, filling me with relaxation and love every time I listen. Karen Lorre seems to be one of those rare people who truly walk their talk - she operates always from a space of love, light and exuberance. It is a blessing to know her, and benefit from her amazing work. She has my love and gratitude! Thank you so much, Karen."
Jillian Hanson
"The Personalized Guided Meditation and Affirmation Karen Lorre created for me, were so spot on that I was able to shift my life in the direction I wanted to go with ease!

I am now in a relationship with a wonderful woman that I thought was only in MY mind. I could not seem to bridge the gap of belief that she was close to coming into my life and easy for me to connect with.

Listening to the meditation and the affirmations Karen made for me for just a few days in a row helped me hear that it was so, already existing and flowing right in for me. I went into her [the woman I am attracted to's] gallery in town (she is an artist doing horse photography) that I love, feeling settled and at ease and eager and - most important - believing that my life was flowing just as it needed to, to get me where I wanted to go. I picked up her card and sent a friend request on fb - no message - just a request.

In 30 days she found it and asked if we knew each other... I said "no" - she said she only friended people she knew, she asked if I wanted to have coffee or a drink to say hello to each other and chat... I said coffee. I went and was really comfortable with being straightforward with her.
We hit it off - talked over the internet for five hours the next day asking all about what we wanted out of life etc. and here I sit - in our home - typing to you, Karen - knowing that my affirmations tape about money is the next portion to listen to for me to love and enjoy.

It was sooo easy, having you, Karen, speak it out in first person so that I could hear it and feel it soo concisely, and with such exhilaration, that was the key for me for sure. It all clicked! Now we sell our photos together and are having such a fabulous life of love and joy. We cherish what we have created and each other.

Karen, thank you so much for helping me to just get inside of my desire and live it until I could see it! Wonderful! I appreciate you sooo much! I love you! Thank you! Loving the incredible shift in my life your work helped me come to!

We are having the most wonderful life and things are manifesting with ease and joy everyday!"

Christy Garavetto
"I am a healer (Reiki Master) and recently I commissioned Karen Lorre to record a healing MP3 for me because of her amazing energy frequency.

She captured the essence of what I needed and created an amazing space for me to release and surrender sadness and grief. Since then, I feel more joyous and connected to others!

I highly recommend Karen's special gift to anybody that is looking to raise their vibrational frequency!"

Jodi Friedman
"When I saw friends online talking about Karen's personalized meditations I knew I had to have one. I had no expectations but the result was mind blowing! I hadn't met Karen before but I could feel her love viscerally as we conversed over Skype before the meditation. She helped me get really clear on what I was wanting before we started the recording, and within a couple of hours I had the recording edited to perfection.

This meditation is without a doubt my all time favorite meditation! There are so many levels to it that each time I listen I feel like I'm hearing something new, it's like the words Karen speaks are coming directly from my inner being.

Since having the meditation done I've noticed a big shift in my energy, aspirations and beliefs. I'm no longer allowing my self limiting beliefs to hold me back and I'm more sensitive to my inner guidance, not to mention feeling more grounded and centered.

Thank you Karen for sharing your incredible talent in such a loving way!"

Paul Shand
"Thank you, thank you, thank you Karen!

That was ... beautiful beyond words! I feel bathed in light and love and I'm so grateful for the abundance of good that flows to me!

What a wonderful way to start the day! I just did the meditation and feel like a radiant superstar, beaming, flowing, glowing!

Your meditation reveals more gifts for me every time I listen to it. I love the energy of abundance and generosity flowing between us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank Source! I love you!

Thank you so much! Thank you for this gift and talent you are sharing with all of us, be blessed, I love you!"

Edith Zee – Switzerland
"I had a skype meeting with Karen Lorre the day before Christmas 2015. We hadn’t met personally until then but I saw her at an Abraham-Hicks Seminar once, which led me to her Facebook site.

I was impressed and attracted by the positive energy of Karen, that’s why I contacted her and asked her to do a guided meditation on unconditional love for me. At this time there was a man in my life who gave me some contrast 😉

Karen did a personal guided meditation on love for me, which was so empathetic and sensitive. After listening for only a few times the unclear situation with this man resolved itself very quickly.

Thank you for that, Karen! You not only opened my eyes and my heart but also changed my energy so this man could go his way."

Christine Weiss – Austria
"I've had the opportunity to be coached by Karen, and I absolutely loved it. She is incredible, full of love, full of knowledge and fun. Her own alignment makes it easy to gain clarity with her and know what to do next. The meditations she did for me were transformational! I would recommend her to anyone looking to create a more powerful life! With her patience and unconditional love, she was able to  help me tap into new possibilities! After listening to her meditations I have much more clarity and focus and feel like I can easily build the life of my dreams. Within days of receiving the meditations from Karen, I would start to see results. Thank you Karen!"
Joana Lopez
"I asked for a meditation to help me to live more in love, more in my heart all the time - and who better to ask than the Queen of Loving herself, Karen Lorre.

Karen embodies true love and you can feel it in her buttery, delicious voice. Listening to my guided mediation is like going to the soul spa, like being wrapped in a velvety blanket of adoration. The words Karen chose resonate deeply with me, as the crystal bowl tones reverberate in my body. The words continue to resonate during the day, and with each listening new nuggets are revealed, new gems perceived.

I’ve listened when I felt amazing and it took me higher; I’ve listened when I needed a tune up and the meditation re-aligned, re-calibrated, re-set my being. When I listen to my personalized guided meditation, I feel like I journey to the energetic essence of the experience of my most fulfilled, realized self, true and luminous self. Karen’s voice guides me on an inner/outer journey of unfolding and enfolding layers of revelations and pulsations of pleasure. She tunes into the heart of my heart’s desires and weaves them into the vision of the meditation.

Treat yourself ~ you will love it!"

Jennifer Mason
"You are love and you're spreading the love. You are so cool! ❤️❤️❤️
your words came through with truth, honesty and love as I know that was your intention. Beautiful!"
Dawn Dickens
"Karen Lorre absolutely brilliant! Just experienced the meditation and it was wonderful ❤️❤️. I'm going to share it with my clients and fellow psychologists. You did such a great job describing and demonstrating the power of tuning into our Source. BRAVO!!"
Dr. Elizabeth Torres, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Instructor- McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
"Our wonderful Karen Lorre has posted an absolutely delicious meditation called "Yummy Self-Confidence Meditation" for Insight Timer... I love you Karen!!! It's over 1300 people now and me being one of them.
I love the meditation and I love you Karen."
Michael Buttgereit
"Yo la he hecho esta mañana, y es alucinante, es la mejor meditacion que he hecho en mi vida hasta ahora es la sensación mas expandida que he tenido en mi vida, la primera experiencia de ser quien realmente soy." Muchas gracias de corazón
"I've done it this morning, and it's amazing, it is the best meditation I've ever done in my life so far. Olé! A 10, the best expanded sensation in my life, I have now experienced who I am. Thank you. I love you. Much thanks from my heart."
Gonzalo Vidal Paez
Shari Heftel rated Yummy Self-Confidence Meditation 5 stars - "Absolutely love Karen and her meditations! She is a master at helping you to relax and release anything which may be restricting you from opening up to the gloriousness of your true self. Her meditations are truly transformative! This is one of my favorites!"
"I liked the Thich Nhat Hanh one Honestly, it's hard to beat Karen Lorre's yummy meditation! I could listen to it all day long." 🙂
Shari Heftel

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