I used to go to a therapist and lots of doctors. I went every week to therapy and I got sicker both physically and mentally.

Then, because I have a great understanding of neuroscience, epigenetics, psychobiology, how to induct myself and others into a deep state of relaxation, an understanding of the Law of Attraction, a very soothing and loving voice and the ability to channel source energy.... I created a few guided meditations for myself and my body....

My body and I transformed very quickly.

My meditations healed things that doctors had been trying to heal for years.

My meditations for my body transformed me from a state of chronic pain, no energy, narcolepsy, depleted adrenals, hair loss, anemia, thyroid issues, vision issues, osteopenia....

to Chronic Pleasure that is increasing in every moment. I have incredible energy, adrenals that are so relaxed and healthy. My thyroid is balanced naturally with no drugs and I have boundless natural energy during the day (I don't even need caffeine or any stimulant), now the daytime fatigue is totally gone. My bones got soooo strong naturally (the doctor was amazed), my hair has grown back thicker and healthier, my eyesight has improved and is continuing to get better every day. I now have great iron levels in my blood naturally...

This all transformed in my body within a few weeks. My friends and family were amazed.

Everything I wanted began to flow in with such consistency and ease. My life got easier and easier...I got richer and healthier and clearer and happier each time I listened to a meditation I made..

I fired my therapist. I fired my doctors. I was loving, but I fired them!

(My therapist couldn't believe how I transformed so easily, both physically and emotionally and energy wise... Now he asks me for guidance.)

That is why I offer these meditations to others because they transformed my body and my life so easily and so quickly.

Now people come to me and they get what they want usually in ONE  session with me.

Sometimes people want more sessions, because I am so much fun to play with, or because they have a new desire, but everyone always gets that which they were seeking in the FIRST session with me.

I love being a benefit and having easy, effortless solutions for every situation that I or others have encountered so far.

I have channelled thousands of these meditations now and the consistency of people loving them and raving about them to me is so very gratifying! It's obvious I am really amazing at doing them because I consistently strike the right vibrational chord in everyone I work with and they tell me over and over and over.

I feel so very thankful that I was inspired to offer these meditations to others, and that from the very first day I offered them, I got my first client and have been booked ever since.

I am so thankful that I have been booked solid every day -- unless I book out for time to do other things...it's all effortless abundance.

I love you! 
Karen Lorre