I am soooo happy!

I got this amazing letter today from one of my meditation clients who was wanting to love herself more and attract a divine mate......

Ruby writes:

"It has been almost three months since Karen made me a personalized meditation. I listened to it every night in the beginning. I would fall asleep happy and relaxed and wake up energized and ready for my day. Now I listen to it whenever I need it. Sometimes if my day is not going well, I will take 20 min to listen to the meditation and reset myself. My meditation was based around joy, gratitude, abundance and passion and when I listen I can feel all of those things flowing through me. The second part of my meditation is about a life partner for me. Within 15 days of when I started listening a dear friend, that I never thought that we would have a love relationship, expressed to me that we should be together as a romantic couple. It was so unexpected and wonderful. I would have never thought that I would find such love so quickly. It is so easy to be together and we are so happy . Thank you Karen!"

This is Ruby and her beau! Aren't they beautiful! Thank you Ruby!
I love you!
Karen Lorre