Chronic Pleasures by Karen Lorre

You were born to feel fabulous, emotionally and physically!

If you want to wake up feeling good and keep feeling good all day, if you want to find the "missing piece” that gives you boundless energy and relief from pain, if you want your emotions and body to feel better than you ever thought they could, then you need Chronic Pleasure.

After struggling with chronic pain and incessant fatigue that most doctors did not seem to be able to help, Karen Lorre used her knowledge of the Law of Attraction to transform her life to one filled with vibrant energy and incredible pleasure. Chronic Pleasure covers all the steps Karen discovered to allow her life to become easier, richer, happier, more intuitive, and more fun. Karen now lives with vibrant youthful energy and a tranquil, free mind and experiences incredible pleasure throughout her days – and you can do the same!

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Praise For Chronic Pleasure

“Karen Lorre’s love radiates to you as you read Chronic Pleasure. You can trust that Karen is the real deal - she embodies Chronic Pleasure and teaches you to do the same.” 

– Deepak Chopra

“Who can write a book called Chronic Pleasure? Karen Lorre can. Her positivity is nuclear. She shines bright as the stars in the heavens.”

 – Chris Carter, Creator of The X-Files

"Imagine visiting a foreign planet and being introduced to a beautiful goddess, one with long perfect hair, angelic eyes and an energy and presence that immediately allows you to transcend time and place. She doesn't talk like anything you've ever experienced. She doesn't think like anything you have ever known and her sensory experience of your hug, your touch, and every other physical sensation in her world is euphoric and completely transcending anything and anyone you have ever known … This is her book"        

– Richard Greene  - Author of "Words That Shook The World"